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  • On Dec 27 2006, 10:51 pm in Gear Gab
Manual for Fostex XR5
Hi. I'm looking for a copy of the user's manual for a Fostex XR5. This was a topic on this forum back in 2004. One person submitted an eBay auction link that contained a copy of the manual, but the link is no longer active. Are you still out there? Thanks!
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  • On Dec 27 2006, 06:09 pm in Gear Gab
Large Hummm from guitar amp!
Got a problem with one of my amps. Fender Rocpro 1000. It has a large sounding HUM. Now could this be a tansistor that has broken down? the earthing on the elec's is good throughout the house so i know it's not an elec supply issue. Cheers then
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  • On Dec 27 2006, 03:53 pm in Gear Gab
The mixer
Ok i have a Eurorack UB802 mixer but i only got my mic plugged into it and then the mixer plugged into my computer. I read the manual for the mixer but i am not understand it completely is there an easier way to understand how to use the mixer at its best and mix my songs down to great sound. I have all the knobs on 0 in the middle because i am not understanding how to mix correctly. Any sites to help or something..
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  • On Dec 26 2006, 05:47 pm in Gear Gab
toneport problems...
I got a toneport UX1 and I can't seem to get it to be the default soundcard. No matter what I do everything plays through the old built in soundcard. Here's what I've done so far:
I've installed and updated everything relating to the toneport. I've set it as the default in the windows audio panel. I've set it as default in Ableton and Adobe Audition.
But even though I've done all this, when I start up a music file in my player, it plays through the laptop speakers instead of through my headphones plugged into the toneport.
Help would be greatly appreciated.
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  • On Dec 24 2006, 08:54 am in Gear Gab
Studio Guitar Sound
Hey HRC -

I've been very happy with my home recordings up to this point minus one element: My guitar sounds. I've been plugging in direct into my interface (I know, I know) because I am more of a bass player and I lack equipment. But now I'm ready to buy. But what? I dont need fancy effects (phasers, modulations etc). I just want a nice warm clean tone, and a rocking thick distortion. What product/combination of products would do the trick? Lets say my budget is $2000. What would be the best route to take if I'd also like to play live with the gear? Any info would be greatly appreciated.


James War
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  • On Dec 22 2006, 11:41 am in Gear Gab
Guitar pedals: ZOOM or DIGITECH?
Hi all!

I'm looking to buy an entry-level cheapish multi-effects unit for my guitar.

I have streamlined this down to two choices: the Zoom G1X or the Digitech RP80.

Any advice?

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  • On Dec 20 2006, 02:43 pm in Gear Gab
Garritan Personal Orchestra - Group Buy
Case y'all didn't see it, Garritan is putting on a group buy:

Garritan Personal Orchestra
Jazz and Big Band
Stradivarius Solo Violin II

139 each, normally 199. (prices in american $)

yer welcome. =)
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  • On Dec 20 2006, 03:39 am in Gear Gab
Drum Mic-ing advice
I am curious as to how to acheive the best possible drum sound using and Sm-57, and two other unidentified microphones. The snare drum also has a built in mic which can be connected by an XLR cable. This is all going into my peavey 7 channel mixer. I have several questions and would appreciate any adivce.

1-Should I use the two other mic's as overheads, and the 57 as a bass drum mic, and using a xlr cable on the snare?

2-Can a 57 handle a bass drum?

3-Should I just use the 57 and another mic as overheads, then use the last mic for bass drum?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and I know this isn't ideal gear to work with, but upgrading isn't really an option right now.
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  • On Dec 17 2006, 12:19 am in Gear Gab
Roland E-20
Hello All,

My wife and I were shopping for a small midi keyboard for our son for X-mas. We were all set to pickup an M-Audio 49e 49-key when we ran across a used Roland E-20 at a local music shop. Really great condition, hardly a scratch. They were side by side in the store, the M-audio for $70, no ac adapter that's an additonal $20 but it was USB powered if we wanted to just play throught the computer but I would want to hook him up direct to the sound card. The Roland had the Power Cord which is the same as a computer power cord plugs into the back. The Roland was $100.

The E-20 looks like it has so much more substatial. It's a full synthesizer with onboard speakers that sound pretty good, all kinds of rythm sounds and backing track sounds etc. We have 30 days to return it no questions asked. Also has a 90 day warranty, any failures and they will fix it.

The touch sensitivty on the Roland feels high end the M-audio wasn't hooked up so I can't say whether that is similar. The M-adio does list as velosity sensitive but have read reviews that say it is just OK.

The e-20 seems like a no-brainer to me if the technology wasn't so old, think it was introduced in the late 80's early 90's but maybe that isn't a bad thing really.

Any and all input or comments would be very welcome. Lot's of knowledgeable folks here and just want to know if we made a smart decision.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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  • On Dec 16 2006, 09:04 pm in Gear Gab
toneport kb?
I saw an add for a line 6 toneport midi keyboard type thing... any good? im looking for a midi keyboard that is also an interface. I was checking out teh m-audio, but the toneport looked good, and this is a keyboard to.
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  • On Dec 16 2006, 05:10 pm in Gear Gab
Mixer Options
I really wanted to get a Behringer Eurorack UB1202FX Mixing Board, but it got discontinued. Does anyone know of a mixer that's basically the same kind of awesome deal?
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  • On Dec 14 2006, 09:40 pm in Gear Gab
cabinet speaker opinions?
I'm currently looking to downgrade my 1960A to a 2x12 from Avatar speakers. Basically you can put whatever combo of speakers you want in there but I'm looking for feedback and opinions before I buy. My 1960A has the Celestion G12T-75's which I like but I'm open to other's too, except for Greenbacks. All used with my 50w JCM800.

I talked to Dave at Avatar and it looks like I'm gonna go with a combo of 1 Hellatone 30 and 1 Hellatone 60. Which is a broken in G12H30 (30) and a broken in Vintage 30 (60). The best of both tonal worlds.

I don't want thundering bass but a good lo end to compliment the mids and highs. Also no tinny shrilly highs either ;)

Any one got any opinions on what speakers are good for 80's type metal? I like the 75's in my cab now but I'm wondering if the vin30 / G12H30 is a better combo or should I just stick with the 75's to be safe?

thanks for any help

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