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  • On Jul 27 2007, 04:46 am in Gear Gab
TC Helicon VoiceLive Vocal Floor Processor ?
Does anyone have this or ever used it? I was thinking of getting it .

Can it be used for metal ???

Like Blind Guardian stuff.

Just wondering?
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  • On Jul 27 2007, 12:05 am in Gear Gab
shure beta supercardiod drum mic
i'm thinking about buying this SHURE-beta supercardiod drum mic, does anyone know if this runs on phantom power?? thanks
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  • On Jul 26 2007, 09:14 pm in Gear Gab
Presonus Digimax 96k VS. LT
I know the major differences with these, but are the preamps exactly the same? Or does the 96k have better ones? Any help/experience is appreciated!
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  • On Jul 26 2007, 01:45 am in Gear Gab
Check out the Live Sound Forum.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have A question in there.

And it iS new.

Check it out.
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  • On Jul 24 2007, 09:37 pm in Gear Gab
Overhead Mic suggestions
I'm in the market for a new pair of overhead mics... The price range is $300 - $400 dollars... What would you buy?
Currently looking at the Rode NT5 matched pair... Would these be better than my C1000s mics?
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  • On Jul 23 2007, 11:50 pm in Gear Gab
what is the heaviest guitar DISTORTION right now?
jst wana axk what is the heaviest distortion out there ryt now? like what are the heavy bands uses?

and next, what is a nice simple single pedal set up can you guys suggest for modern heavy rock. what is a nice addition for a "distortion,wah and delay?" chorus, eq, synth?

what brand for each you guys can share?
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  • On Jul 21 2007, 07:58 pm in Gear Gab
Mixing Phantom with Non-Phantom
The mixer board we just got doesn't have individual phantom switchability on each channel, only an all-or-nothing switch. I know it's possible to turn the phantom off and get a mic preamp for the mics we need to use phantom on, but that can become an expensive proposition. Is there any way to do the opposite, i.e. turn the phantom on but attenuate the jacks for the NON-powered mics? I saw a post where someone simply used an XLR to TRS converter and used the LINE jack, but will I still get a balanced signal that way?
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  • On Jul 21 2007, 01:50 pm in Gear Gab
Some nifty looking freebies from NCH swift
My cousin turned me onto this site, for their guitar tuner.

I started poking around, and found a whole bunch of handy utility type programs, a lot for free, and some upgraded versions for $$$.

Poke around some, as there's a bunch of different programs to be DL.

DISCLAIMER: I haven't DL any yet, so I can't vouch for their quality.
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  • On Jul 21 2007, 11:27 am in Gear Gab
MPC 1000 Studio Help please
Im buying a MPC 1000...But i want to know what other equipment i should get to got with the MPC..Im mostly going to be sampling..So what is a list of all the equipment i should get to be able to make the music i want to make...With a buget around 4,000 - 6,000 dollars...Sorry for the newb question..but im new to this
fren hie29
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  • On Jul 20 2007, 08:46 pm in Gear Gab
What is Behringer???

I've been doing AV for over 10 years now and there's industry standards in audio and video. (Midas,Mackie,Shure,DBX,Ashly,Meyer etc..)
But after playing with a few of their stuff I find Behringer not a bad product for the price, for sure I wouldn't compare a Midas board to a Behringer but at first glance it is comparable to a low grade Mackie board for a third of the price, obviously the quality of the components is lower but I would like to know what is the overall taught regarding Behringer.
All I work with is industry standard gear witch is way over my budget for now.
But I don't know much about Behringer except for those weekly lawsuits they are getting.

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  • On Jul 20 2007, 08:43 pm in Gear Gab
Help Needed: Presonus Firebox to Behringer MS20 Monitor connection
Hi, I got my Firebox and Behringer monitors, but I still can't get any sound out of the speakers... I'm really not up on what cables connect to what, so if anyone can help, that'd be grand :)

I'm using a G4 Mac, the firebox is connected to that via the firewire port.

The Left speaker connects to the right speaker via the cable supplied with it... so I know I got that right :P

on the diagram on the back of the box, is says to connect the firebox to the speakers via the 1.L and 2.R Main Out (fat phono jack style) ports. The firebox also has the Midi / S/PDIF port connections on the back, so I tried connecting one of those Red/White Aux 3.5mm cables from the S/PDIF connections to the Analog input 'Line 2' ports in the right MS20.

No luck.

Everything is plugged in and turned on, I've changed the sound settings on the mac and it can 'see' the Firebox, when I tap the mic/speak into it, I can see the speaker bar (or whatever it might be called) moving, so I know that's working?

The problem seems to be the Firebox to MS20 connection. Would buying 3.5mm to phono jacks solve the problem? Do I need to connect the Mac to the 'Coaxial' port on the back of the MS20 as recommended in the manual (then again, the manual assumes I'm connecting that to the interal soundcard). Do I have to turn the interal soundcard off somehow?

I thought I'd tray and get some advice before I go spending money on more cables.

Many thanks in advance!!

Here's some images that might be useful?:

Back of the MS20:

Firebox set up:

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  • On Jul 19 2007, 07:33 pm in Gear Gab
loads for sale
I have lots of stuff for sale, just got married, looking to downsize all my stuff. And I know, Im an idiot for selling all my awesome analog stuff and going digital, I just dont have the room to enjoy it all right now. And, NO! I DID NOT STEAL all this stuff. haha

I know you have no reason to believe a person on the internet, but I am an honest person, and I will not make a sale without talking to you on the phone first. I will ship anything, but buyer will pay the shipping. (some of the stuff being large & heavy, its up to you whethere we can meet in the middle, or you want me to ship)


1973 Gibson Heritage Custom Acoustic w/Hardshell Case
Great Collectors Item, couple of wear spots but plays great. New set of Elixers!
Guitar Humidifier, strap, a few pics thrown in
Info - vintage-guitars.blogspot....age-guitar.html
Price: $1250

Washburn D10SCE Acoustic w/Hardshell Case
Great Beginner/Intermediate Guitar. Nothing wrong with it, just have had it for 6 years now, and want something better. New set of Elixers on as well. Strap, and a few pics thrown in.
Info - (no hardshell case on price in link)
Price: $300

Univox LP copy from 80’s
Beginner guitar, missing neck pickup, missing 7th inlay. Great action, stays in tune. Would be something to get someone started on electric, or something to fix up as a backup guitar. Strap and pics included
Price: 80$

LYNX by Yakima strat copy
Another good beginner electric guitar. Nothing included
Price: $75

Peavey XXX 120W Head
In great condition, although when I was transporting it I popped off a knob. The knob still works you just have to put your finger on there to get it to move, I never fixed it, cuz it still works!
Price: $800

Hartke 4X10 Custom Guitar Cab
8 ohms, 200 watts
Sounds great with XXX head, smaller to carry around as well. 2 silicone speakers and 2 aluminum speakers give it a very unique sound.
Price: $300

Vintage/Analog Equipment

Tascam 388 Studio 8 Portastudio
8 Track Reel to Reel Recorder and Powered Mixer. It is in great condition. My high school band actually recorded our first record on it. Sounded amazing. I just do not have room for it right now. Im gonna hate myself for selling it. ALSO: my grandpa and I build a road case for it, so its ‘easily’ movable, and we build a stand for it. Its quite incredible actually, he is a genius about that stuff. Hope you can enjoy it.
Includes around 10 tapes (not all used), Reverb Unit, STEED regulated 6amp power supply. Beautiful piece.
Price: $1200

Alesis LX20 Type II Multitrack Recorder
8 track, 20 bit recording. Comes with small remote, 8 channel cables, open the box and get started.
Price: $250

HH Scott StereoMaster Type 350B WideBand FM Multipex Stereo
w/ HH Scott StereoMaster Type 299C Stereo Amplifier
My Grandpa gave me these pieces too. He is an antique collector/dealer, and we picked this up at an auction. It works, and it is really cool. I have the vintage RCA cords to throw in there as well.
Info (350B):
Info (299C):
Price: Both for $650

RCA Amplifier – no name, no info
Will throw in with HH Scott stuff, or 50$ otherwise

Digital Recording

STA DSP 3000
Very cool unit. 8 Channel, 24bit/96kHz recording. 8 Mic Preamps built in. Great Unit. Does amazing things, I bought this when I planned on having a recording studio. Well, that dream died (for now). It comes with all the PC cards and cables you need. The drivers and manual are on the internet.
Price: $400 (one unit) or $675 for both units. (can be linked through one card for 16 channel recording)

DJ Equipment

(2) Gemini XL-DD50 IV E Turntables
Very straight forward, no tips, used pretty hard, but good beginner stuff.
Price: $100

(2) Stanton STR8-60 w/ (2) Ortofon Pro tips and (2) Odysey Flite Cases
Nice units, barely used. Selling for my brother who got them, and then moved into a tiny apt./new job, and has no time for them anymore.
Info (tables):
Info (tips): (Pro Cartridge Twin Pack)
Info (cases):;src=4WBZ4DS

Price: $500

All this stuff I have acquired over the years and am now looking to make more space for my incoming family. I think you have heard the story a hundred times, but its true. So Sad.

I am looking for some pretty specific items, so trades are something I would talk about, but its not real likely you have what I need, but its worth discussing. Thanks for looking.

Name – Allen Sanders
Email –
Payment discussed in email or phone
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