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  • On Nov 10 2011, 05:27 pm in Gear Gab
Low end monitors
I've been using computer speakers for everything and the right speaker quit working after being jerry rigged for 6 months. SO, I'm shopping for new ones. I considered buying some open eared headphones but I really want speakers. I can't afford to buy monitors but my budget is $100. I'd prefer something without a seperate woofer because that was my downfall in previous mixes. But I guess that kinda means I want monitors right? I think I'll just buy some low end monitors. Any suggestions? under $250 for pair please.
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  • On Nov 10 2011, 10:20 am in Gear Gab
WANT! Epiphone Mandobird

How cool is that for a Mandolin...of course, I'd have to learn how to play it, but still!
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  • On Nov 09 2011, 07:44 am in Gear Gab
How to Convert DVD and Video to Any Video Format You Want Freely
Convert DVD and video is really easy for most of people now. You just need a DVD converter and a video converter. Use dvd converter to convert your DVD and use video converter to convert video. Do you want only one converter that can help you to convert both DVD and video in one interface with few clicks and high output quality. Today I will introduce you a Total Media Converter( that convert both DVD and video.

You need to download and install it first before you can use it.

Step 1: Load DVD/Video
Click “Add File” to load Videos from your computer
Click “Load DVD” to load your DVD from your DVD Drive

Step 2: Choose Output Info
a. Convert video:
Choose output profile first in the drop-down list and then click “settings” button to adjust the specific settings, such as “resolution”, “encoder”, “bit rate”, “frame rate” and some audio settings such as “audio encoder”, “sample rate” and so on. You can save your profile and settings and give it a name, so you can use it next time easily.

b. Convert DVD
Choose output profile first and then you need to choose your output audio track and subtitle, if you do not want them you can leave them blank. Also like convert video you can adjust the specific output settings, such as “resolution”, “bit rate” and so on.
Save the profile and settings for next use is also available.

Step 3: Conversion
Click “Convert” button to start your conversion. You will get your output video soon.


1. Adjust the output effect
You are allowed to adjust the “Brightness”, “Contrast” and “Saturation” of the output video. “Deinterlacing” is also available to improve the quality of the output video. You can choose “apply to all” to save your time.

2. Pick up a part to convert
If you do not want to convert the whole video or DVD you can just pick up the part that you want to convert using “Trim” function.
You can do it in 3 ways:
a: Enter the start time in the Start Time box and click OK, then enter the end time in the Set End Time box and click OK.
b: Drag the scissors bars under the preview window when you want to trim, then the time will be shown in the Start Time box and End Time box for your reference.
c: While playing video, click “Trim From” button where you want to begin your trimming and click “Trim To” button where you want to stop your trimming.

3. Crop the output video
This powerful video converter allows you to crop the video play area. You can choose a certain play area to convert, and do snapshot.
You can crop your output video in 2 ways:
a: Crop by adjusting the crop frame
The crop frame is the yellow line around the movie video. There are eight small adjustment boxes on the crop frame. Each adjustment box allows you to crop the movie video from a different position. To crop your movie video, you can just move your mouse cursor to an adjustment box and drag the crop frame.
b: Crop by setting the crop values
There are four crop values on the buttom of the window: Left, Top, Right, Bottom. You can set each value to crop your movie video, and the crop frame will move accordingly.

You can also set the output aspect ratio from the Zoom Mode according to your need. There are four choices available: Keep Original, Full Screen, 16:9 and 4:3.

4. Add watermark to the output video
You can add text and picture watermark to your output video easily with Aiseesoft Total Media Converter(
Check the “Enable Watermark” box and choose “Text” or “Picture” as you want.
You can drag the watermark to find the place you want to put and also you can adjust the Font info of the words you from “T” button.
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  • On Nov 05 2011, 06:19 pm in Gear Gab
grr audio interface time (again) MAC
Howdy peeps,

any chance someone can point me in the right direction of a good audio interface for my mac?

Im using Logic Pro 9, contemplating switching to pro tools but undecided although my studio engineer does use pro tools so may be easier just to learn that...

i only really need 2 inputs, as i will only ever be recording either 2 mics or 1 mic 1 instrument at the same pretty standard really... i have an OK budget, just not something too crazy, it goes without saying I'm looking for value for money lol but cannot condone spending thousands when i will be recording masters in the studio anyway lol

thank you very much in advance :)

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  • On Oct 31 2011, 03:25 pm in Gear Gab
guitar strings!
I'm thinking of switching my brand of strings. I use 9's. I've been using GHS Boomers for the last 15-20 years. I break them a lot. I want to stick with 9's. Can someone recomend a brand that will take a lot of abuse? I'm hoping to find something that might last a little longer.
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  • On Oct 29 2011, 05:15 pm in Gear Gab
Mixer? recording to Mac/Garageband
I know there are several threads relating to this topic, but I didn't find the exact answer I was searching for.

I am looking to buy my first mixer. This mixer will be used primarily for recording, not live sound. I want at least 8 XLR inputs for drum mics. I am using Garageband for tracking, and I want to make sure I can (simultaneously) record 8 separate tracks on Garageband so I can apply different effects to each track.

I know how to manipulate the settings in Garageband to record up to 8 tracks simultaneously. However, I want to make sure my mixer can accommodate this task. Do I just need a mixer with USB connectivity, or should it be Firewire instead? I guess the other option is a new soundcard...any suggestions?

What is the primary difference between USB and Firewire when connecting a mixer to a computer for recording? Is one more efficient, clearer sound?

"The (Behringer) Xenyx 1204 and higher models come with a USB/audio interface for direct plug & play connectivity to your Windows© or Mac© computer." -quote from MF

Is the Behringer Xenyx 2422FX adequate for multitrack recording if the USB connector is used to link the mixer to my Mac?

Thanks for your help!
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  • On Oct 16 2011, 07:15 pm in Gear Gab
Keyboards and USB
I have a Korg X50 and a Yamaha DGX-203, the the Korg has Midi In/Out & USB, but the Yamaha just has USB. Can I connect these keyboards together via USB so that the Korg controls the sounds to the Yamaha.... can the USB's be setup to function as Midi In/Out??
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  • On Oct 01 2011, 11:57 pm in Gear Gab
Trouble with RAndall RT503H, HELP!!
I recently purchased a Randall RT503H from Guitar Center. I ordered it because i wanted to do away with distortion pedals. I purchased a Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor to do away with unwanted noise. I play Metalcore stuff in Drop B and Drop C, like The Devil Wears Prada and August Burns Red. Heres my probloem, I hooked it up yesterday and for the life of my cant get a good metalcore distortion sound without having an airplane flying through my cabs. Can anyone help me out with this, Im not sure the best way or how to hook up my noise suppressor.
Herb Utsmelz
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  • On Sep 23 2011, 07:48 am in Gear Gab
Bob Barker's microphone for sale on eBay
Want a great piece of audio memorabilia? Got a fat wallet? Check this out.
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  • On Sep 04 2011, 12:46 pm in Gear Gab
Having trouble with Behringer xenyx z1622USB Mixer
I am having trouble with the sound just sort of fading out on the stereo channels of my x1622usb mixer. I will be listening and the suddenly, the sound is gone! I thought I did something wrong so I shut it and my power amp off. I turned them back on and it worked again. Then the same thing happened.
I checker connections & everything was right. Then I touched the slider on channel 7/8 and it sounded like someone tapped the ball of a live microphone. I tapped a few times and sure enough, it sounded like the tap-tap of a live mic. None of the sliders on the other channels did this.
So I turned both units off and then on again and the music was coming through again and when I tapped the slider, there was not "mic tapping" sound, until the music faded away again!
Is it the mixer or, is it me?
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  • On Sep 02 2011, 03:44 pm in Gear Gab
external HD
I gonna get me an extrnal hd. im just not sure what one to get.
basicly i wanna free up cpu on my Mac. Im running things like Ezdrummer and EWsymphoinc chiors, cubase 4 bieng my DAW.

I also have a lot of music in itunes wieghing the crap out it memory space wise, i think i have 50gig left of 250gig hd.

Im i best to get an external to run cubase off of, or am i best to run EZdrummer and chiors and anything else off it, along with throwing all my itunes crap onit?

Better to go firewire or usb 2.0?
If im better of running cubase of it, am i best t get a real high speed ex HD? Like 10,000rpm? Theyre available, whehter its needed or not i dunno.

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  • On Aug 25 2011, 10:25 am in Gear Gab
possible limitation with Akai MPK88
Hi everyone,

I am considering to buy the Akai professional MPK88 keyboard controller.
This is the set-up I intend to use: The MPK88 + sounds from East West software on my computer, but instead of recording them with a recording software in my computer, I want o record into my Tascam 2488 neo (external DAW).
Would I connect the Tascam to the computer through the audio interface, or to the MPK88 via midi? the reason for this question is this:
I've heard that MPK88 without the external power supply can not send midi out while it is connected to a computer via USB. I don't understand this problem very well, but I would like to find out (before I buy the MPK88) if this limitation has a bearing on my intended set-up . In other words if I record with the Tascam will I need to do it via the MPK88's midi output? Wouldn't that be a problem since I need to use the sounds from the computer at the same time (via USB cable)?
Sorry if I lack some seemingly obvious notions. I'm trying to learn.
I would appreciate any helpful advice.
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