How to beef up my home recording set up without going broke

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I am recording using a tascam DP-01fx recorder and AKG Perception 200 microphone. I am getting good recordings of my band and my own acoustic guitar and vocals. Im just wondering if there is any equipment that i can get cheaply but will add something to my recordings to make them sound better and more professional.

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Jan 17, 2006 12:30 pm

Hey man,

I record electric and acoustic guitars drums and vox.

The tascam you've got looks really nice. Perhaps you could run it into a PC and a wave editor/recorder like Kristal (free) or N track (free) or cubase etc to play around with the tracks more. You'd only need a simple (but decent) sound card. Then you could record all the tracks to the pc one at a time from the recorder. Then you could compress, normalize use VST's and master them, probably to a higher level of precision than on the Tascam which is great for recording but maybe not so great for editing...I don't know.

Also, I've found the Samson C02's pencil condensers to be really nice and useful on acoustic guitars and as drum overheads. They'd enable you to mic in stereo and at only 70 they have opened up a lot of opportunities for me.

I know Noize has a pair and likes them.

I'm pretty new to all this mate but if you got a couple more condenser mics like the C02's, or an shure sm57 for guitar amps and drums I think you'd notice an improvement in quality. I know I have.


FOR C02's



Wait a while and see what advice the others have to give you. I'm a learner meself.

Take it easy


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