Virtual Studio Systems updates "Lyricist"

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One of the coolest (and affordable) songwritting apps just had a new update released. "Lyricist" is a GREAT application from Virtual Studio System, an HRC sponsor, that keeps track of your songs lyrics, chord structure and even has a rhyming dictionary and chord charter, plus you can tell it what frets your fingers are on, and, if you can't figure out exactly which chord you are playing, it will tell how cool is that!

Check it out at coldfusion.affiliateshop....836&BID=688 it's a great program, I have been using it ever since HRC hooked up with VSS...and I love it.

Check out there other app "TrackNotes" at coldfusion.affiliateshop....836&BID=690 which is also a cool program for keeping track of your recordings by tracking effects loops, setting, SysEX messages, needed punches and other cool notes...

VSS rocks, and they keep getting better.

Just wanted to let you know if you are one of the folks that have bought Lyricist, there is new features ready to install for you!

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