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Hi all, was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about studio design/layout? I'm not talking about acoustic design, but rather layout of gear. I'm moving some items around to set up for home recording. I've got a large keyboard table with a separate shelf for the keyboard (piano) and top shelf for PC monitors and monitor speakers. I find that the pc keyboard is not conveniently placed and I am reaching over the piano. Wireless pc keyboard could be an option, but I hear there are some issue when used on a box designed for music (USB issues). I may install a pull out keyboard drawer underneath the digital piano keys. There are right and left rack spaces (4 racks high) on this unit and I have other gear in rack cases nearby. I'm trying to determine most used items and the best way to house everything. I suppose the most used items would be best within hands reach. For example, would I bank rack effects together with a patch bay on top? Keep power amps separate from effects? Does anyone know of any design/layout resources? Pictures of well used home studios that have gone through this process would be useful. I'm sure much of this comes down to the gear one owns and some personal choices, but would love to hear your thoughts/ideas prior to wiring/setting things up. Thanks. -Tim

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Dec 16, 2005 07:27 am

I put any heavier and heat generating gear (such as your amps) at the bottom of the rack preferably with a few empty spaces between them and the next thing. Those units are also rarely touched so it's handy there, I have also place my rack-mounted computer in the bottom of the other rack.

Power conditioners at the top since the lights in them do the most good shining down across everything.

I had a pullout drawer for my keyboard but removed it cuz it was a pain in the ***...hung too low so I couldn't scoot in under the desk like I wanted, so I moved the controller/keyboard off to the side besides one of the racks.

Put the most used or most referenced units toward the top in easy sight and reach.

The Eternal Student
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Dec 16, 2005 10:22 am

Wouldn't putting the high heat stuff at the bottom just heat everything else up? Would it be ideal to just have two smaller racks to keep the heat-generating equipment away from the rest of the stuff?

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Dec 16, 2005 10:28 am

only if it actually GETS hot, I never drive my amp enough to get it hot enough to matter, it's nothing a couple empty rack spaces above it can't fix. Reference monitoring should never be done at super high volumes that would create that kind of heat.

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Dec 16, 2005 08:51 pm

As dB stated most amp's shouldn't generate that much heat. As well most newer amp's have much more efficiant cooling then in year's past. My Alesis for the near field's is convection cooled as well as the frame itself is one huge heatsink. My 1000 watt used for playing live in the room is rarely even brought to half volume, and even then does not create any great heat at all. That amp is colled by both large heatsink as well as 2 silent running fan's.

At the bottom of those two is the main PSU for my mixing desk. All 3 unit's are on the bottom level of a large rack unit and I have not had any trouble with over heating. There are 2 180cm silent cool fans in the back of the rack to help pull air through and keep things running cool.

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