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Two part question here.

1. Just looking for some pro advice on how to get the best sounds. A hot track has to have hot sounds or else no amount of eq/mixing will help it, right?

How do you guys go about getting the best sounds for your tracks? I know alot of kats make their sounds, but I am not at the stage yet.

I'm assuming free downloads will be "get what you pay for" and I am not intersted in that.

What are some names of sample CD's or sound banks I can purchase and tweak that have produced some of the best currents sounds, drums.. bass etc?

2. Also, how do you go about successfully sampling a sound that you like, say bass or snare in a song?

Nine times out of ten there is a vocal or hi hat or something playing over the sound you like making it impossible to sample clean.

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Nov 30, 2005 07:39 am

Well, I recently got done beta testing Project5 Version 2 with Cakewalk, and I will say that is a great program for many, many instrument samples from horns to drums to bass to anything else. You want to look in to that app, as it is a great sequencing application plus comes with LOADS of samples as well...a collection of softsynths that can totally tweak and warp any given sound.

When I sample I just mic the sound and record it as loud as I can without clipping, then process it further in the studio with compression or EQing.

PowerFX has a great set of sample CD's and softsynths as well, maybe check them out.

Ace in the whole
Since: Nov 24, 2004

Nov 30, 2005 09:08 am


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