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not the brightest spark...
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Hello All,

Our drummer has finished mixing our new E.P it's largely instrumantal post-rock/experimental with a spattering of samples/vox and elctronica.

'Kneel before the throne and drink the blood of your own'

1. Midnight in some burning Tower
2. Cosby, Bills and cash



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Czar of Midi
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Nov 17, 2005 08:34 pm


Nice stuff. I am gonna have to give a better listen later, but the first track is killer to sit back and relax to. Nice evolution going on, and the shocker guitar stabs were interesting, building into mayhem. I remember going to shows that sounded like that in the 70's.

not the brightest spark...
Since: Sep 13, 2005

Nov 18, 2005 05:22 am

Thanks alot man. It all came out of jamming and we put the pieces together. That's why it sounds kind of raw/sparse/loose!

We did the drums on a digital 8 track at our rehearsal room. 2 akg overheads, d112 and a 57 I think. The guitars and bass were recorded at home with an SE LD condernser my mate won and a sennheiser 835.

The electronic intro to track 2 was done on goldwave and orion I think

We were pleased with it. The stuff I'll be posting is alot different but it's good of you to take the time to listen.

If it sounds like the seventies it cant be bad!

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