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I have never messed with MIDI before. I was told on here a few weeks ago not to plug my guitar into my sound card. So, I ordered a mixer to go between all my instruments and my sound card. Unfortunately, my mixer is taking forever to get here, so I want to try something else. Like I said I have never messed with anything midi, but this is what I would like to do: Run my guitars into my vocal processor and then use the processors midi out into the soundcards midi in. Well, when i do that, i dont here anything out of my computer. I check the soundcard settings to make sure the midi input is on. I am trying to record into adobe audition. So how do i get midi to work? Thanks.

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Oct 29, 2005 04:45 pm

Midi signals are data only, that is why you dont hear any sounds. Midi is meant to control sounds or in your porcessor's case control the patches and the parameters they each have. The only way in for audio is through and audio interface such as your sound card. You can try to hook you processors outputs into your sound cards audio inputs and that should work. You may find the level to be somewhat low though. Depending on your porcessors output level.

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