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Since i changed to Asio drivers on Sonar 2.2, everytime i delete a piece of audio from the front of a single track, it puts all the other tracks out of sync. You can see the information in each track change when you delete the bit of track. What have i altered or set incorrectly? This function used to work o.k.

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Czar of Midi
Since: Apr 04, 2002

Sep 29, 2005 06:55 pm

Vikki, cahnging to the ASIO drivers should not have altered anything except the audio drivers themselves. If anything it should have improved the latency of the audio.

When you say delete from the front of a single track, do you mean removing a piece from the begining of the track and leaving the other audio on the same track inact? Just want to clarify for myself.

I still have 2.2 installed on my older box. I will try and give it a shot and post back here tonight if anything gets quircky.

jimmie neutron
Since: Feb 14, 2005

Sep 29, 2005 11:08 pm

Vikki, that will happen when data is deleted from the beginning of one track. It moves forward in time, leaving all the other tracks "behind"... (Sorry, I'm sick). Noize2u will be able to tell you how to "silence" what you don't want to hear, and not "shift the sands of time"... either that, or you could "Select" the undesired area, and then just reduce it's gain to the sideways "8" thingey, otherwise known as "infinitum" (or "silence").

Since: Sep 22, 2002

Sep 30, 2005 05:52 pm

Thanks for the replies I think I may have sorted out the problem - just need to check the info before deleting I guess.

Noize2u - "removing a piece from the beginning of the track and leaving the other audio on the same track inact" that's about it really but having thought about it since I think that when using the cut or delete mode I need to check that the 'delete hole' is left unchecked!?!?

Just wondered if you felt that there was any benefit in upgrading from Sonar 2.2 to the latest available. I know there were some problems with one of the upgrades (Sonar 4??) - is Sonar 5.

jmail - thanks for the info. What is the 'sideways8' thingy or 'infinitum' I haven't come across this yet??

Vikki (UK)

Czar of Midi
Since: Apr 04, 2002

Oct 02, 2005 05:57 pm

Vikki, I did manage to give it a try in 2.2 and had no problems at all.

I do believe that you found the problem then as well. That is the option that I was thinking about.

As for improvements in Sonar. There have been tons of them. The problems they had related to gapping. They were trying to make it a gappless audio engine. Meaning that you could do any full on editing while the tracks ran live. This is one big undertaking, I can tell you that right now. Anyway, most of the gapping that they eliminated did unearth some other issues, which have been being worked on and most have been solved. They are now working mostly on ver. 4 updates to the VST adpapter as most other major issues have been fixxed.

The issues of gapping dont really apply to most of the end users as they dont do alot of editing on the fly.

As for Sonar 5, I dotn have it installed yet. In fact it wont be delivered here until Tuesday and odds are I wont get it installed untill the weekend. But there have been huge leaps as to what it can do and the User Interface as well. It is a much smoother platform then in the past. They have stuck with the smooth learning curve and making it very user friendly. There are many new features compared to 2.2 that I know I would dearly miss now if I didnt have them.

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