Blind Girl- new indie tune

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The fat one always watches us.
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Im going on the road again, but i did this song....
didnt have time for all the bells and stuff. i kept it simple.....

lemme know!

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Since: Sep 10, 2005

Sep 15, 2005 07:51 pm

I like it. At first I thought maybe a bit too much reverb on the vocal, but after listening a bit.............I like it as it is. It works!


Since: Jul 23, 2005

Sep 15, 2005 10:11 pm

Great vocal sound (really warm) and I like the light vocals though they may be just a tad "twangy" (?) for the soft vocals.

Cool song.

Since: Jul 23, 2005

Sep 16, 2005 08:17 pm

Sorry, by the last "vocals" I meant guitar.

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