+4db or -10dB?

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ok...ive been real busy recording local bands lately, been doing alot of good work as far as im hearing, but im still working to improve on the quality of my work, and the one thing i just cant seem to remedy is the fact that my recordings just arent NEARLY HALF as loud as the ones i a/b...im talking like...i have my kick and snare tracks juiced...and then i A/B it with a drum intro on a pro cd loaded into Nuendo, and its not even half as loud...not just a little quieter, im talking not even reaching the point where you can say its "half" as loud...and that sucks...

i see all these options on like everything i own for choosing between +4db or -10dB...and i think this might have something to do with my dilemma...one is called "pro" and one is called "consumer"...so help me out...and ill be nice...and help you out...cause im back here to stay my friends..

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JR Productions
Since: Mar 03, 2005

Jun 12, 2005 06:47 pm

I dont think thats your problem. Do you maximise/normalise or limit? Because thats what makes the professional CDs so loud.

I am not a crook's head
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Jun 12, 2005 08:09 pm

Yeah, I'd recommend doing some research on compression and limiting and see the effect that those have on your recordings.

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Jun 12, 2005 11:29 pm

Pro level lets you record at higher volumes.
Pro runs at +4 dBU while semi-pro runs at -10dBV

Get the final mix (in one file) in a new project, stuff a compressor plug in on the track, set it to a pretty low compression ratio (1.4:1 or something) and play round with the threshold.

Also another good thing to try (i did use it, but found i had no need) is a maximiser plug in.


its free, so good luck!

Since: Apr 27, 2002

Jun 13, 2005 02:12 am

im pretty solid as far as compression goes, i mean...i understand and use it quite efficiently...limiting is something i've never gotten into cause im scared that using it might distort, or smear or mess up my recordings...i just always thought that my recordings would have more juice than they do compared to pro recordings...i dont know...thanks though guys

jimmie neutron
Since: Feb 14, 2005

Jun 13, 2005 07:34 am

That's why you use soft-knee with a "ceiling" of about -0.3dB or so. That'll minimize the distortion. But finding the threshold and other settings is, for me, hit or miss.

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