Holy Trolls, Batman...

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OK, it's a necessary evil every web site, when reaching a certain level of success, must deal with. Trolls. People that come around only to make trouble, start arguments, insult people and just generally be a pain in the rear.

Over the last few months we, the HRC staff, have noticed a few coming in and out of the forums, and are watching certain individuals, and watching the interactive parts of the web site, primarily the forums, for such activity.

The handling of people that are labelled as a troll will be dealt with quietly. Simply deleting their posts and saying nothing more. To engauge in conversation or debate would only serve their purpose, to call them out would only start heated threads and do nothing for the purpose of the forum. To have this kind of activity only lessens the overall experience for honest HRC members and visitors and wastes our database space.

Rest assured, the HRC staff is aware of the issue, and discuss such matters in private...

Thanks everybody for continuing to visit, enjoy and learn from HRC and each other, which is, after all, the true purpose of the site.

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