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Hello, I am very new to Midi recording and using Sonar 2.2 and PCR50. I installed the CDRom for PCR50 on my computer but nothing gets played or recorded on Sonar. Anyone can help ?

Is that OK to use ONLY the USB port from PCR50 to back of computer or should I use MIDI cable(s?) (out controller/In Audigy platinum soundcard) together with it/instead of it.

I am planning on using the Synth Effects on Sonar. Will I be able to record only if I assign an effect to a midi channel or should it record messages from the controller anyway ?

Sorry if this is not clear as I find it really confusing myself.
Thank you for any suggestions.

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Hold 'Em Czar
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May 17, 2005 08:43 pm

you need to insert a DXi or VSTi (i=instrument)

route the midi tracks output to the input of the VSTi.. and make sure under options > midi > controler your keyboard is showin' up.

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