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Answer:On a good day, lipstick.
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So two of my best friends in England send me a CD of their new stuff. Very cool. A bit muffled, and not too loud. Great songs though. The singer I "discovered" at the tender age of thirteen. Shy kid with a huge voice. Very Steve Winwood like. But I digress.

I popped the CD into my PC and downloaded the files onto Cubase. Here's where HRC comes in. I had a few minutes to spare (I know, MAD!), so I started to apply a few VST's to the track to get the sound a bit clearer. Using the knowledge gleaned from this site, I added:

VoxengoOldschoolreverb, Baxxpander, a couple of Multi-band compressors (one just to stop the vocals being boxy, and the other for the rest of it), Classic Compressor, plus a couple of others - and some very careful EQ....

Got the tracks sounding pretty fantastic, even if I say so myself. Bright, loud, clear, and modern sounding. I believe they were originally recorded on an eight track tape. Wish I had separate tracks to deal with...just have the stereo mix.

I was a bit concerned that my friends might be offended by me tampering with their "baby." Not so, they're excited about getting the "LA REMIX" as they call it (I'm NOT in LA). Need to "Master" now as best I can. I can't afford Har-Bal (I know, I know). Any free/cheap alternatives out there?

So anyway. Thanks to HRC my buddies will be getting their remix soon. The sound I have so far is well worth the price of HRC-Pro. dB-Wan, Coco, and the rest of you brilliant minds should be quite proud too!

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Hold 'Em Czar
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May 06, 2005 11:10 am

rock on!! i love that man...ppl that don't understand audio as indepth as we strive for, treat us like the wizard behind the green's so mysterious. nothin' beats that look of satisfaction on their faces. my last client that i transfered the cassette tape to cd and cleaned it up a bit (using only parametric eq) was floored when he got the final product and offered to pay more! i love it all!

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May 06, 2005 04:25 pm

Nice work canny whack fixing a song into a cool work of art.

And I may be as bold to suggest ye maybes only needed a wee shove - thanks for the thanks tho I reckons ye done a good job yerself buddy. Good to hear it going well tho and I concur, most all I learned I got from here - kudos to HRC!

Did ye download the Kjaerhus Audio plugs (Classic Series) - excellent free plugs they are. - darn cool and covering all bases: reverb, eq, limiter, chorus, flanger and stuff.

Anyways - good on ya and Im glad ye got a good it up for us all to enjoy man!


P.S. Did yer kilt arrive yet?


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