Flyin Blind Bluegrass Cd Masters???

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Feb 28, 2005 12:51 am

Well guys I have put some mastered??? mp3 samples on the FBB site...give them some listening to.... any and all feedback is appreciated...I trying get this project done... a friend came over and did the premastering and mastering and is trying to educate me .....whoa there's a whole lot to learn.... I did learn about spacing and panning and I'm trying get a grasp on EQing... and the concept of creating a stereo image..... lots of


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Czar of Cheese
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Feb 28, 2005 07:36 pm


I listen to a lot of bluegrass music, and I can honestly that this is as good as anything I listen to. Great work. I like the way that you panned the different instruments and voices. I think that's particularly important in bluegrass, because you're all sharing similar EQ frequencies. It's like I'm watching the band play and the instuments are positioned like they would be live.

My only tip would be to make sure when you do your final mastering that you get the volume levels of all of the songs to be similar. The overall svolume of your samples was a pretty low, but they WERE pretty consistent from song to song.

"Witchita" was my favorite of the songs (and I listened to all of them.) Your CD represents your sound very should sell a lot of 'em!


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