Computer based recording....???HELP???

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Whut up, first thanx for actually takin the time to read this.....I am planning on moving up from a simple 4 track recorder to computer based recording (more flexability obviously), and Im kinda stuck in a pinch....I dont have a clue on what type of software or mixers I should be finances are limited so most likely the most cost effective way would be greatly appreciated. Right now Im leaning towards Cakewalk 2 and a behringer eurorack ub1002 comp has basic specs....soundcard.......line in, mic in, and speaker out. ANY input is greatly appreciated!!!.....Thanx KAZ

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Feb 28, 2005 11:07 am

decent start with the mixer and software hoice, but a must is getting a sound card better than the computer's built in one, that'll be none stop nightmares...

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