Mackie 1202 Hookup guide ???

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Hey all,

I recently purchased a Mackie 1202 mixer, not the VLZ or the VLZ Pro, just the 1202 and am in search of the Application Guide or hook-up guide for this model. All I can find anywhere is the Pro version which has the Alt 3-4 outputs and other items I don't have.

If anyone knows where to find this guide I'd appreciate if you could supply a link.

Thanks in advance


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Jan 19, 2005 06:54 pm


Since: Nov 22, 2004

Jan 19, 2005 07:52 pm

Cool dB thanks. That helped a lot.

One additional item I'm having an issue with is my Xpression effects unit.

I currently have this:

MP-1 preamp effects send to BBE in
BBE out to Xpression in
Xpression out to effects receive MP-1

My 1202 has 2 channels of aux send and 2 stereo aux returns.

I'm getting confused on setting the last of my chain (Xpression) into the mixer and then returning to my receive on my preamp.

Can you help?


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