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i read one of the other posts on using VSTs and it piqued my interest. i downloaded a whole bunch of free ones and tried to get them to work. including the "wrapper". i am using sonar 2.2XL. there seem to be two kinds--the ones that work on audio-such as distortion or chorus or compression etc. and those i can get to work.

there are also a whole bunch that look pretty interesting that seem to be like synthesizers. those i have no clue how to operate. any suggestions?


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Jan 17, 2005 09:49 am

Those would be VSTi's, or, virtual instrument (softsynths), those are used via MIDI sequencing. I am not in front of Sonar right now, but as I recall, in the menubar click on the "insert" menu and DXi, then it will show a list of the softsynths you have, click on one of them and sonar will create one audio and one MIDI track in the track view, go to the MIDI track and start sequencing.

To adjust params of the softsynths, open the softsynth (double click on it after opening the softsynth window) and play around. You can open the softsynth window by pressing the button that has DXi on it in the toolbars.

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Jan 17, 2005 12:23 pm

thanks. what a differnece one letter makes.

i tried what you suggested. the only thing is that Sonar is not finding any of the ones i downloaded and installed.

when i click on DXi as you suggest the list that comes up to choose from only includes the four that came with the program.

how do i install them in the correct path?


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Jan 17, 2005 12:27 pm

When you install any VSTi component you need to be aware of the install path for each one, I typically keep ALL my VST plugs and VSTi instruments in one folder.

Regardless of where you put them, when you start the Cakewalk VST adapter you need to make sure the adapter knows which folders it will find them in, select each folder on your system that has a VST or VSTi in it so it will be sure to scan them all.

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Jan 19, 2005 10:30 pm

Pitchblack, you can also track were the .dll file goes. Some of the free VSTi's out there simply want you to drop the .dll file into your shared pluggins folder. In the case of Sonar 2.2 you will find that via this path.

C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Shared Pluggins

If the synth comes as an exe file and installs itself, make sure you put it in that folder as I have been told if it installs in the DXi folder it may have porblems.

Now it may in that case create its own subfolder in the Shared Pluggins folder, but the adapter should scan all subfolders and find it anyway.

Lastly if you donwload a softsynth and it is only the .dll file, then you simply drag it into the folder and then scan with the adapter.

But make sure you know whether it is a DXi or VST synth as if it is DXi you will need to drag it into the Shared DXi folder. Although most of the DXi synths I have found install via an exe file.

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