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I'm getting setup to rip/burn my LPs to CD. Have a Shuttle/AMD lots of ram, W2K. Bought a 2496 thinking it would be fine for this job; analog in, save as .wav The question is the 2496 has no analog or digital inputs for the CD burner; other than the RCAs on the back. How does the burner hook to the system? It has standard 2-pin digital, 4-pin analog plugs on the back, that used to hook to the SB Live I had. Obviously something simple I just don't know about. Thanks for any help.

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Jan 12, 2005 03:32 pm

you don't hook up a cd burner to a sound card
or am i misunderstanding?

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Jan 12, 2005 03:37 pm

No, I probably am. I had the digital 2-pin connector of the burner hooked to the SB Live; in hardware properties I had digital output set "on" from the burner. So am I going in circles here? Are you saying all the input and output to/from the burner goes through the main ribbon cable?

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Jan 12, 2005 03:40 pm

The 2496, as I recall, does not have inputs like that, it is not a general use sound card, it doesn't have MIDI wavetables, gaming environments like EAX and that kind of thing, it is meant for recording.

SoundDisasters are meant for that sort of use.

If you want to rip LP's to CD you need to get a small preamp with a ground for the turntable and run the preamp outputs into the RCA inputs of the 2496.

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