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ok i've got a session commin' up this weekend and i'm dooin' some pre-session planning...
the music style is modern rap/rock
i need a good click from the kick drum, so i'm thinkin' about removing the front head and stickin' a D112 about 3/4 of the way in there and covering the whole kick with some blankets, or would it be better to leave the head on and put the D112 just inside the hole, then mic the beater side with a 57 or something? we're shootin' for that Pantera kick sound (Far Beyond Driven) also the toms gotta cut through, so i'm gonna mic them individually (4 total) so my track count is lookin' somethin' like this...

1 - overhead left AKG C1000
2 - overhead right AKG C1000
3 - Kick AKG D112
4 - Kick (beater side) Sure SM57??
5 - Snare top SM57
6 - Hi hats Samson C02
7 - High Tom Senheiser MD504
8 - High mid Tom Senheriser MD504
9 - Low mid tom Samson Q Tom
10 - Floor tom Samson Q Tom

anyone think i should swap the tom mics or anything like that? i'm obviously gonna do some sound checkin' to make sure, but like i said, this is just pre-session planning.



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Jan 12, 2005 09:33 pm

Just contributing my two cents... since you seem to be doing a lot with this band lately... their syle is what is called G-Punk. :D

Second, if you get a good recording, I want a cd. find out how much they plan to sell them for?

(but only if its like "Lights". I downloaded a demo from their website, and it was a bit too synth-heavy for me. )

Lastly, repeat these words over and over throughout the session... "compression is goooooood". or tell him to hold the mic farther away. I have seen that at a number of live shows. when they scream, the mic is about 3-4 feet away.

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Jan 13, 2005 05:21 am

I've been recording the kit recently (proving tricky, drumming and engineereing) and got a really good kick drum sound with one mic inside the hole pointing towards the centre of the batter head. I only used a small amount of damping however, with too much it lost some of the bottom end thud and with none at all the shell was far too resonant.

But it was all to do with the positioning of the mic that made the difference. As for isolating the kick, I used compression. I let the initial attack of the kick (after EQing to get a balanced sound and not just "click") through, then stamped on the back end of the wave with a high ratio, then gated with a really quick release time so only the amount of attack that I let through could be heard. It gave me a really punchy kick that I can adjust the sound of using only attack and release times of the compression and gate.

I'm probably teaching my Gran how to suck eggs saying this... but I hope it helps

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