Question about a 4-track vs. 8-track cassette regcorder

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Does anyone know if a standard 4-track tape recorded with a tascam porta one 4-tk home studio will work (play, edit, mix down) on an 8-track tape studio like the tascam 488 mkII?

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Jan 02, 2005 03:25 pm

If you mean actually play the tape from the 4 track, probably not. You could record the 4 tracks to the 8 track.


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Jan 02, 2005 04:42 pm

I have never seen any tape machines that can be edited. I know most of the have a punch in and out function, bit no editing facility. But agree with OD here, you would have to send the audio out of the 4 track and record them onto the 8 track.

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