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The Beat Keeper
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I have Digi 001 for OS 9 and record my beats using the patches off of my keyboard. I start all my tracks as 8 bars recording just the midi and then when its time to record vocals i extend them to the length thats needed. After vocals are done i go back and add breaks. Then i have to go and bounce each midi track to audio.

My question is if theres any way of making the process easier instead of sitting there and bouncing each track in to audio for the full length of the song. Can anybody recommend any techniques and or sequencers or midi to wav. converters.

Peter Parker

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Jan 01, 2005 02:11 pm

I can't speak for the Digi001/ProTools setup, but I do know that Sonar, Cubase and some other apps have a function called "track freezing" or something similar. which is essentially a quick bounce to audio from MIDI, a cool little one click feature. Perhaps look for a feature of that nature in ProTools...

The Beat Keeper
Since: Dec 16, 2004

Jan 02, 2005 01:08 am

cool thank you very much

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