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Good day, in hopes to improve my vocal and guitar recordings (mainly acoustic) I purchased a delta 66 figuring that would be a good start.. along with a new shure sm57 mic.

Now my question is do I need to purchase a microphone preamp to record or can I simply plug the microphone into one of the inputs... if so how do I do this because when I plug the microphone directly into the delta 66 breakout box input it only records into one speaker.

Can you fellas possibly recommend what else I need to look into buying? Again here's what I want to be able to do:
Record vocals and guitar
Be able to listen to a track on headphones while I record another track

I do not necessarily need to record two tracks at the same time but it would be nice to have the option.

I am running windows xp - 2.4 ghz p4 - 1 gig ram -yada yada

Happy holidays
Thanks a lot!

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Czar of Cheese
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Dec 25, 2004 07:37 pm

Not absolutely sure, but I think that the Delta 66 requires the use of a mic preamp, either a standalone unit like the Audio Buddy (for example) or the preamps built into a mixer. I'd personally go for a mixer, because the offer you other routing options related to your question of headphone monitoring. Check out HRC's studio equipment section for some great choices.

Don't worry that it's "only recording into one speaker", because you're recording in mono, and when you're all done recording all of your tracks, you'll be able to pan things as you like during mixdown.

Be sure and post your music when you're done...we'd all like to hear it!


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Dec 25, 2004 08:06 pm

Yes, I agree with Jim on everything (except for his choice of football team), the 66 would require a preamp. Additionally, considering the 66 has 4 independent analog inputs you might be better served in the bigger picture by, and to give you the option of recording more than a single track at once, to purchase a mixer with 4 sub outs rather than just a single preamp.

Something like the Behringer UB2442;bfmtype=gear would give you a small collection of preamps, plus a decent collection of onboard digital effects and the ability to record up to 4 individual tracks simultaneously and give you a lot of other signal routing options and ease of use you otherwise wouldn't have...I have the UB1622, same board, but only two sub outs and a couple less channels, but I love it, worth every penny I spent...and they really are not very expensive either.

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Dec 25, 2004 09:45 pm

Okay, awesome...
well the behringer mixer is a bit out of my budget and looks intimadating.. I was thinking of going with the m-audio audio buddy as it is much much more in my price range... however, I'm a bit concerned as to whether I'll be able to plug-in headphones. I know I can disconnect my speakers and plug them directly into the out but they only go in one speaker and the volume is pretty low. Will plugging in the headphones into the audio buddy 1/4" out work?

Thanks for the feedback

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Dec 26, 2004 11:22 am

Alright i think i can lend a hand here. I just got into good-quality recording here myself. I bought the Delta 44, but needed a Pre-amp. I got the Audio Buddy for 100$ (Even though i saw it at Guitar center for 50$ a month later!). The good thing about it is it has 2 inputs, and mic inputs also. I often find myself recording acoustic guitar and vocals at the same time.
For christmas i received a Studio Projects B1 (Condensor mic [kick ***]). Condensor mics need Phantom Power, which the Audio Buddy also has. So in a nutshell, the Audio Buddy has done me just fine for everything i have thrown at it.
As far as headphones... this is a little tricky. I just plug my headphones into my computer speakers. I still have not figured out how to listen to the sound i make live, only after the fact. Maybe someone else can help you here. Reguardless, the Deltas record on the left and right channel seperatly, so you will only ever have one channel going. It is really easy to mix down to a mono or stereo signal through Cubase or Cool Edit.
So far i am very happy with the stuff i have now. Keep working with the 66 and im sure you'll find out that it is a nifty little thing and you'll do just fine.

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