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i currently use a software which is far inferior to fruity loops for creating my drum tracks and wish to switch to fruity. i can do everything i need in fruity except for one thing. that is create a beat like the one i have uploaded as an example.

in the beat, the quick 4 hits on the kick is what i'm talking about. the drum beat is at 120 bpm tempo and is in a 1/4 timing. to do the quick hits on the bass drum, i went into 1/8th and did "just those 4 hits" in 1/8th timing and came back into 1/4th to do the rest of the kicks. i hope i explained this well enough to get my point across.

i just need to know how to do that in fruity loops. follow the link to download a sample beat of what i'm talking about. thanks.


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Dec 21, 2004 07:38 am

if you get something more then fruity loops express (or light, duno what it's called, the $50 one) you can do what you want in the piano roll.

if you put a hit down, you can splice it in the piano roll to make the hits in 1/8 time if you want.

so yes, it is possible.

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