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[Note: I am trying this again as I looks like my first post didn't make it on the site for some reason]

Greetings from a new member of HRC:

I am just trying to get started into home recording and want to set up a small project based studio. I am looking for something to work with my Mac G4 desktop that will allow me to record 1-2 tracks at a time, whereupon I will mix multitracks via the computer. 3-4 track recording could come later if I get a drumset, but for now will use software for drum tracks. Being able to record in stereo would be great. I am on a tight budget and want a minimal system to see if I even like the home recording hobby.

I would like to have analog and MIDI capabilitie for live instruments and keyboards and sequencing. Optical SPDIF would be nice so I can direct record from my Vox Tonelab, but not necessary as I can just use the direct 1/4" line outs or mike the cabinet.

So, I was thinking about combining a used Behringer mx802a (per dbMaster's opinion in other messages) with a M-audio Audiophile 2496 card, which would give me analog, MIDI, and stereo recording. However I read somewhere on this site to avoid RCA input connectors which is what the 2496 card uses.

So I am now thinking about the mx802a mixer with a delta 44. But I lose the MIDI and would have to spend more money on a Midisport to connect through USB. Would the extra money (about $100) be worth it to have 2 extra inputs and avoid RCA connectors?

That's where my thinking is at now. if anyone can provide recommendations, advice, more thinking, etc., I would really appreciate it. Thanks a bunch.


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Dec 16, 2004 10:55 am great card. analog, SPDIF, optical and MIDI.

And a very warm holiday welcome to HRC :-)

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