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Hey Ya'll

With your kind assistance, I've got my pc ordered and on it's way. I've sorted out what gear I'll be ordering (thru the HRC MF link, of course), and I know I'll need cords to patch this stuff together. I've got plenty of guitar cords and mic cords, what I'll need is the patch stuff. Here's what Ill be assembling:

Delta 1010 sound card
Alesis 3630 stereo compressor
Behringer UB 1832 fx mixer
M-audio bx5 monitors

I'll be running cubase SE, and mostly recording acoustic/country stuff. Probably no more than 6 inputs at once, usually less.

So, what is a good selection of cords to order. Looks like alot of RCA end stuff but there's always that oddball cord that has -say- rca at one end and 1/4' at the other or some dang Y-cord setup that's an oddball. As always, I appreciate your expertise!

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