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Hi there...

I've been experimenting lately with HD recording and songwriting, it would be great now to get some feedback.

You can listen to the track @

The track was produced with very basic equipment: Acoustic guitar, Behringer mic & preamp, Yamaha keyboard for some bass sounds. All recorded via a Creative outboard soundcard @ 48k.


Dave (Zither)

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Since: Jul 25, 2004

Nov 13, 2004 01:29 pm

I like this tune. I really appreciate the vocal in this song. Very moody and well toned. Good use of Cymbals too. Might have to look at that for my stuff.
The only real critique I might have would be to overall melody on the vocal. You might mix it up a bit, For example, on the second half of the verse, try going up with the melody rather than the same as the first half.
Just my 2 cents. Good song though. Not too often does a song move me upon first listen. This one did.

Since: Nov 13, 2004

Nov 14, 2004 04:04 pm

Hi Phil

Thanks for the comments. You're not the only person to feel the melody needs to build more - we shall certainly take that on board.

Outside comments are so important, as it's very difficult to take an objective view after you've heard the song a thousand times during the recording and mixing process!


Dave (Zither)

Since: Apr 08, 2004

Nov 18, 2004 09:27 am

Hi dave!

Just listened to your first track... had to give it a listen after seeing your influences are Coldplay and REM ;)

This is very very cool. The vocal is great, as is the whole song, playing and arrangement. Again, i'm guessing you also listen to Turin Brakes?

This is very pro sounding, and very modern brit style. It's great. After reading the vocal melody comments, i was expecting it to be totally lacking in dynamics...far better than i thought. It's true, a bit more variation as the song progresses would be great... the start of the chorus sounds almost too laid back, the instruments build, but the vocal melody doesnt. Your vocalist can switch to falsetto very well (just like Chris Martin), so i suggest you really make use of that earlier in the song. Just an example... how bout singing just the first word of the chord falsetto and much longer, then switchin back down? It would vary the flow of that line a bit though.

The phrasing on a couple of parts also sounds a bit rushed... maybe a couple of lyrical modifications could change those, although than may be exactly like you want them ("maybe you meant the words you said" and "Confusion to deceive").

The mix is really good. If i had to pick anything, i'd suggest the acoustic riffs (ones with the hammer-ons) down the left channel are SLIGHTLY too loud.... just a tiny bit overpowering in parts compared to the piano down the right, for example. We're only talking about a smidgen here. Excellent band... gonna check out your proper site. Wondering how you deal with harmonies live, coz the echos on this recording work, but i cant help thinking other harmonies (high oooohs etc) in the chorus will make this song fantastic.

The fat one always watches us.
Since: Nov 08, 2002

Nov 19, 2004 08:48 am

Great sound. Thats thick and rich. Nice acoustic capture. they way it sorta floats around, the mix is really good. (but im on office headphones) it does get a little overpowering in the left in a couple of spots, other than that- thumbs up. the tiny piano stuff is a great touch.

Since: Nov 13, 2004

Nov 19, 2004 02:42 pm

Hi neuaddsibly & tonyd1970

Thanks for the compliments and ideas. Yes, now you mention it, I think you're right about the hammer runs being a bit strong. I haven't listened to Turin Brakes (except the odd track on the radio), I guess I'll have to now ;)

We're having a break from this song at the moment and writing some new material, but shall certainly take your comments onboard when we revisit it.

Dave (Zither)

Since: Oct 25, 2004

Nov 21, 2004 10:31 pm

great song.

I love the arrangement and the fullness of it. My only critiques are that to my ears the snare kick and bass could do with a little more oomph. I think the song would sound a little more dynamic and alive with that. Also some harmonies might be worth considering. But thats just my opinion, and I am new to the recording game, so its just my humble observation!


Since: Apr 08, 2004

Nov 22, 2004 04:27 am

I did check out your site and was very surprised to see it's only two of you... top marks, Daves. You really sound like a "proper" band... maybe thats something for you for the future?

Since: Nov 19, 2004

Nov 22, 2004 05:38 pm

Spot on,
I agree with neuaddsibly, big warm sound professionally played and produced

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