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wrote this song recently. would be very interested for some honest critique.

it's called "stole the show"

click on the link

and then follow the mp3 music link. we have 2 songs there - stole the show (which i recorded at home) and milk and honey (pro recording).

both just acoustic guitar and 2 voices.


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Nov 07, 2004 03:32 am

Really excellent song, playing, and vocals. The only thing I can hear that might be a bit too much is the recording booms a bit especially the guitar, at least to me.

I really like both songs, I can hear the Simon & Garfunkel influence. Really great voice!

I see you just signed up, so welcome to HRC as well, hope to see and hear more from you. :)


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Nov 19, 2004 08:53 am

Very nice playing. Very Garfunkel. nice capture and mix too. Its smooth and full. Great job, hope to hear much more ya. thumbs up

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Nov 19, 2004 02:26 pm

Hi Adrian

This is a good song. Obviously very S&G! I particularly like how the vocal comes in on the minor chord in an original way. I agree with a previous post that the guitar sounds a little harsh, and the Travis picking sometimes sounds a bit rushed (but it is a difficult thing to keep going, I'm always having trouble with it). Maybe simplify the arpeggio a little?

The vocal parts are very good, with a well constucted harmony that sits well. I like it.

Dave (Zither)

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