tweaking alesis sr16 beats on computer - advice plz...

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I've always created drumbeats by writing them on a drum machine and then sequencing the tracks as-is. I'm interested in dumping those beats onto my pc and tweaking them more fully.
Can anyone give me a general idea of how to go about doing this? I'm not new to recording, but incorporating a pc in the process is new to me.
By tweaking the beats, I'd like to "humanize" them by altering the velocity of different notes. I'd also like to add more complex fills and short snare drum rolls. I guess what I'm looking around for is a basic description of the process, and a the name of a good software app to use for these tweaks. A free application would be perfect for this because I'm strapped for cash due to the holidays...

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Nov 17, 2002 02:06 pm

the most cost effective sequencer out there is called FruityLoops. It's not free, but for $99 you get a fully LOADED step sequencer with pianoroll that that you can load *any* wav sample into, not to mention all the amazing virtual instruments it supports. All the note triggering data is stored as MIDI information so the song files are small and you can edit note info like velocity, pan, filter cut, pitch, you name it. you can run VST effects, VST instruments, DirectX instruments, load *any* sound sample in that you can get your hands on, too many fnctions to list. You could feasable write, sequence, track, mix and master an entire song in FruityLoops.
My only problem with the program is the looks. The display looks like a toy! But don't let that fool you, on a fast PC with enough RAM, this is a professional tool.

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