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Hi guys.

I am having a problem with the output. I record the sounds as loud as possible (the wave bars cover majority of the bars, but don't touch the top or bottom...I am not sure how to refer to this sorry).the quality sounds great but it's a little low...I can't understand why.

Also, when I record low-end beats and bass at the same time, the sounds mesh too much and cause muffling/unclear quality.

Can anyone suggest anything?

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Oct 25, 2004 03:12 pm

Not to be an ***, but maybe you need to turn up the volume on your speakers. Otherwise, if you were to describe the way the waves look, do they have lots of peaks and valleys, or are they more rectanglish, with almost the whole wave close to the top and bottom.

As for the low end, you probably need to do some eqing of parts so they don't overlap each other and cause muffledness or clipping.

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Oct 25, 2004 03:17 pm

Well, do you maximize at all? Like Waves L1 ultra maximizer plugin, or the Ozone plugin or anything like that? They work wonders.

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