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Streetwise Professor
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Hi, I'm new here. Anyways, for a while I've been recording some simple songs on my computer using Adobe Audition and a Tascam US-122 (USB Box) with some mics.

However, I find that the whole "computer recording" thing is a bit too limited for me, especially because my PC is in the family living room. I don't have access to the computer whenever I have a song idea, and it's hard to be creative staring at computer menus. I also come up with most of my stuff late at night (when I can't record to PC because it'd wake others) so it would help to be able to record in my room. You don't need my life story, so here's my concern:

I want to go to a digital multi-track (BOSS BR-532) and small mixer (BEHRINGER EURORACK MX 802A or 602A). The recorder only has one 1/4" in and one XLR in. I've read at a few pages that you'll need a mixed and a recorder. How does the mixer run into the recorder? Is there a "master out" or something? My objective is to be able to record two XLR's at the same time. One for my my guitar (miked amp) and one for vocals (condenser mic). I'm not in a band, but the possibility of someone else playing along (with bass/accoustic guitar)is not out of the question.

In a nutshell:
A mixer is a necessary part of a small home "studio"? How do I run the mixer into the recorder?

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Jack of all trades master of ___
Since: May 28, 2004

Oct 21, 2004 03:13 pm

First off, Welcome to HRC

No dumb questions here...we were all at this road at one time or another...

I say a mixer is essential. You will probably need one if you want to record two channels at once...1 being your voice and the other your guitar...

The mixer will have a "main out" so you can run it into your recorder and maybe some "sub-outs" if you want to run to your monitors (speakers)...

Depending on the mixer, you will have a certain amount of channels. Your devices go into these channels. The "main-out" sends all the audio passing thru the mixer to whatever you decide to send sound to...(speakers, recorder etc...)

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Oct 21, 2004 03:18 pm

I have the MX602A and there are 2 XLR ins, and a stereo pair of Main Outs. So, what you can do, to record two seperate instruments/mics at once is pan one track on the mixer far left, and one track on the mixer far right, and connect one of the main outs to track one on your recorder, and connect the other main out on the mixer to track two on your recorder. I'm sure some others will have other suggestions as well.

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Oct 21, 2004 03:29 pm

Welcome to HRC, Alexi

It shouldn't be ABSOLUTELY necessary to use a mixer with a stand alone recorder as they generally integrate a mixer in the recorder. If you didn't buy the recorder already, I would look for one that has atleast 2 mic pres. Check out some of the Fostex's. The MR8 seems to have what your looking for.

Of course if you still want to run a mixer to your recorder you certainly could. Yes, you could use the master output. You could also use sub outs or even the inserts as channel direct outs if the mixer has these features. Just remember to make sure your absolutely happy with your mix because theres no going back once it's recorded, unless you rerecord.

Good luck :)

Czar of Cheese
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Oct 21, 2004 05:33 pm

I'm with Mike on this one. I use a stand alone recorder (Fostex VF-16) and it has all of the mixing capabilities I need. The only reason I use my Mackie mixer is for the mic preamps that it gives me. But there are many times when I just plug right into the recorder and let 'er rip.


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Oct 21, 2004 05:36 pm

I have a PC so its a little different but I use nae mixer either.

Just a sound card with 4 ins and a seperate preamp. Does the job for me alone...


Cone Poker
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Oct 21, 2004 10:34 pm

most people really only use the mixer for the preamps. I use it as a control center for all my gear, but I guess I'm the minority

Streetwise Professor
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Oct 22, 2004 11:57 am

Thanks for the help everyone, I decided to go ahead with the mixer (because I'm pretty sure that I'll need the phantom power anyway). My stuff should be here in about week :D

...bringing sexy back
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Oct 22, 2004 12:56 pm

which one'd ya pick?

Streetwise Professor
Since: Oct 21, 2004

Oct 24, 2004 08:18 pm

I went with the 602A, it's smaller than the 802, but I don't really anything large.

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