Making music on my triton?

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At this point, I'm actually having a hard time sending my beats into my pro-tools track by track. I make my beats on my triton: intro's, break downs, outro, basically a finish beat. WEll my question is does anyone see anything wrong if I just prepare my beat on my triton, get it finish and all, then record it on my pro-tools on one audio track? What do you guys think? Or should I just give each sound its own track on pro-tools

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Nov 16, 2002 02:18 am

certainly give each Triton track it's own ProTools track. I dont think anyone else on here uses Pro Tools, but assuming that all multitrackers are alike (i'm gonna get nailed here saying *that*) certainly you can record each track separatly and then just zoom in and shift each track left and right until they all line up on time.

You might even be able to break down your tracks into smaller tracks than you already have defined. For instance, let say you have a drum track with a Kick drum, a snare, and two hihats... you could alternately turn certain samples off and send *just* the kick drums as a track, and then *just* the hats as a track. This would give you ever greater editing depth once its all on your computer. each drum can be compressed, EQed and reverberated separately -j

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Nov 16, 2002 10:29 am

Coo Thanks!! But do I have to record each triton track one by one, or could I send all my triton tracks simultaneously? And how?

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Nov 17, 2002 06:51 am

only by MIDI i think, and I'm sure you mean to record the actual sound of the Triton, right? I guess you'll have to record each track separately. I depends on how many outputs it has, what you can can to them, and what kind of soundcard you have.

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Nov 19, 2002 08:48 pm

The track's are going to be recorded as audio. But the midi timing is what will lock it all together as you record each track seperately. So what you need to do is make the Triton the slave to your recording software, and the Triton will play back what ever track you want it to when you cue the record button in Pro-Tools. If the Triton has the multiple audio output's option on it, you can assign each drum sound to an output, and send that to individual input's on your protools interface.

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