Behringer UB1204 mixer's 'Tape In' & 'Tape Out' help!

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I have two Soundcards in my PC. An SB Audigy 2 and an Audiophile 2496. I have connected the audigy 2's 'line out' to the mixers 'tape in'. this is because I want to use the sounds from my Audigy 2. And then, I have connected the 'Tape Out' on the mixer, to my other soundcard's(audiophile) input. As I will be recording those sounds using this soundcard. However, The sounds generated by the audigy come to the mixer, but do not output to my PC. I have tried various configurations on the PC. But I want to know that if you use the 'Tape In' like i'm using, can you still use the 'Tape Out' or not. Would I need to use the 'Control Room' output to connect to the Audiophile's input?

please help!


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Sep 23, 2004 05:41 pm

Dude, how many threads are you gonna start about the same issue? Please continue this in the previous thread...

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