MIDI wont play with Delta 1010

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I have two soundcards on my PC

Delta 1010
Audigy ZS Pro

Obviously (now) the Delta is for recording apps. This is working no worries for Audio.

Problem is in Cubase (v1) I can only get MIDI to play back using the Audigy MIDI outputs (or MS GS Wavetable), even though I have made all the necessary changes in control panel to make the delta the default card for midi playback.

I wouldn’t mind this for recording so much but when it comes to mixing I am hearing MIDI through my PC speakers and everything else (including the click track) through my head phones (they are plugged into the mixer as are the outputs from my delta)

I could plug my Audigy output into my mixer but this doesn’t feel like the right thing to do (I’m a newbie).

Does this have something to do with the on-board synths of the Audigy?
Do I need to associate the Delta with some synths sounds? If so how?

The MIDI device is an M-AUDIO Key station 88 pro. (USB).

Sorry about the long message :) Cheers for your help

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Sep 21, 2004 09:51 am

The delta does not have a wavetable as far as I know, it will only pass MIDI data back and forthm the sounds have to be elsewhere...

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