Plugin Compensation & VST Adapter In Sonar 3/4

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Posted this over at the cakewalk forums but didn't get anything. Anyone know?


I am considering upgrading to Sonar 4 from HS 2004. One large plus in my eyes is the plugin compensation. I know Sonar has this features but does it have it on all the busses? I am assuming it does but I don't want to be disappointed later.

Also, concerning the VST adapter. I am using a free one atm but in HS it doesn't remember which plugins it was wrapping. I have to write them down in the correct order. Once I do that, they do retain the settings I had them at. Does this happen in Sonar? Also, the meters on plugins with the free wrapper don't work. Do they in Sonar?

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Czar of Midi
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Sep 15, 2004 10:30 pm

yes it does on the busses

No the wrapper in sonar works splendid and doesnt forget anything.

And yes the meters all work just dandy in Sonar via the wrapper.

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