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After reading all the great reviews about the 2496 I decided to invest in one. My demos were sounding good with my Soudblaster Live, but I wanted them to sound GREAT. I have been recording with the SBLive for a while and never had any problems, so I assumed I could just install the 2496, hook it up and go...but alas here is my problem.

Here was my previous set-up:

Various mics --> Behringer MX602A
Behringer main outs --> SB Live inputs
SB Live --> Standard computer speakers (nice ones though) with my headphones plugged in to monitor the whole thing.
I am using Cool Edit Pro 2.0

With this set-up I could record a track (while listening to it) and then listen to that track while I overdubed another track on top of it (while still being able to hear the new track) You know, standard, one instrument at a time multitracking. It sounded good and ALWAYS worked fine.

NOW I cannot do that at all. My setup is the same except I have the 2496 in place of the SBLive. I have tried everthing I can think of to get the 2496 to do the same thing, and it won't. I have run into the following problems:

1) I can listen to the track I am recording at the time, but I cannot here the previous track or tracks.
2) I can here the previous tracks, but not the one I am recording at the time.

I have tried every setting that I can think of. I even tried using both soundcards. The 2496 for the input and the SBLive for the output. Still the same 2 problems.

Can anyone help me?? I need settings or ideas or something before I just return the 2496 and stick with a setup I know works. I cannot afford active speakers or a headphone system, so please don't suggest that.


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Sep 08, 2004 03:18 pm

Run the Audiophile outs to the mixer ins and the mixer outs to your speakers...

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Sep 09, 2004 09:43 am

In the Audiophile's setup panel, select monitor mixer and you should be able to hear the previously recorded tracks and the one that you are recording.

Good Luck!!

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