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so i've been fooling around with reason for a little bit for the purpose of creating drum tracks.

i would like to be able to create different beats to paste on reason's transport and make the song. the thing is ive no clue how to do that. when i hit record and play nothing appears to get recorded.

anyone know what im talking about?

thank you


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Aug 12, 2004 01:07 am

um, what are you recording from? Are you recording actual drums? Are you recording midi from a keyboard? Are you trying to record from the Redrum drum machine? Need a little more info on what you are actually doing.

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Aug 13, 2004 10:51 am

Im using the Redrum drum machine.

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Sep 01, 2004 05:45 pm


the record function will only work if reason is hooked up to a midi keyboard. the record function is to enter realtime automation, filter sweeps etc as well as hitting the notes/beats.

you can set up the drum machine to play a loop independantly of the sequencer, assuming you already have done that, select the sequencer track for the re:drum.

set up the 'L' and 'R' loop markers to 8 bars apart.

then left click on the re:drum itself, you will get a dropdown menu.

click 'copy pattern to track'.

the drum pattern you have programmed into the drum machine is now annotated in your sequencer window.

you can edit it by clicking the piano icon top left of the sequencer window.

re:drum always writes to the length of the loop in the sequencer window, so play away!! lots of possibilities.

hope that helps...

oh, and also, run the re:drum into a scream distortion unit, set to compressmaster preset but with a flat eq and you'll be amazed at the extra punch.

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