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so i have recorded some distorted guitar tracks along with the fuzz that my fender amp produces when it's on distortion mode. how do you get rid of this fuzz digitally? (using cubase sx)


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Aug 08, 2004 08:27 pm

You don't. If it was recorded with distortion, it will always have distortion. If your talking about hum, you can usually reduce it pretty well with a notch filter. I don't know if Cubase SX comes with various filter programs.


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Aug 08, 2004 08:47 pm

Hi Adrian .

Well, it would be one thing if you wanted to add distortion/fuzz, but as far as removing it, I'm afraid once it's recorded, it's recorded . It's part of the waveform that you have documented . If you had recorded the track 'dry', and then applied the effect through a patch of some-sort, then it would be possible to do some pre amp shuff'ling .
There is something to be said about being 'stuck' with a recording, though. It's kind'a like phorography, in the sense that it captures your aproach and flaws, and thus becomes a good refference point for when if/when the work is redone under different circumstances .

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Aug 09, 2004 12:14 am

I believe he is referring to 60 cycle hum. I know my amp hums terribly when using distortion. The hum can be lessened using various filters and hiss removers. However, I find that this usually alters the sound of the entire track in a way that is not appealing. The best way to reduce the hum would be to put a Boss or HUSH noise reduction pedal in your effects chain. These pedals will effectively reduce the noise floor of your rig and you'll get a cleaner recording to begin with. That being said, I personally dont own either of these pedals, and actually LIKE having a little amp hum in my mix. If all you have is a little hum on a track, you may find it "disappears" in a mix. If your hum problems are substantial, the best solution is to eliminate the problem BEFORE recording.

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Aug 09, 2004 08:55 am

ill agree with that

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