How do I connect more speakers or monitors so to say

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With one mixer (dfx12) and 4 speakers from alesis and a audiophile sound card how do I connect it all together ? I have all the other equipment, the only thing I wonder about is how do I use all 4 speakers and connect them ? I have a power amp too. Does the amp help at all ?

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Aug 04, 2004 07:46 pm

Do you want all four speakers playing at the same time, or juggle the two pairs to listen to each pair seperately.

Either way, you need a speaker splitter type thing (I forget the real name, it's like a patchbay for speakers), your can get up to four pairs hooked up to a single stereo amp with one at Radio Shack for about $100 that will take up to 100 watts or something like that.

Since: Jul 29, 2004

Aug 04, 2004 08:20 pm

Ok thank you for that and is there a way to hook it up directly to my mixer. I have 4 powered monitors that don't need an amplifier and I want to kinda put em around so I can have a theater. If I plug two of them to the main outs on the mixer, is there room for the other two ?
And that patchbay you are talking about would it connect to the mixers output and then the speakers would go to itself ? I really need help with this, need to figure it out asap. thank you, ljdin355

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