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I have Vegas 2.0 ..and have noticed that if I record a stereo vocal track ..on playback it doesn't exist when played in mono. I usually
lay down music tracks first, drums, etc ..all instruments playback in mono fine however the vocal is non existant. How do I record a new mono vocal track when other stereo tracks are layed down already?

Is there a setup for this ..I can't see a mono selection. Any help would be greatly appreciated ..

thanks Rob

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The Quiet Minded
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Jul 19, 2004 08:30 pm

I use vegas 3. can you describe better how do you playback in mono?

Since: Jul 19, 2004

Jul 20, 2004 12:52 pm

what was happening when I played back in stereo was everything sounded fine ..mix was perfect. However the track when played on radio did not contain the vocal? I converted it to a mono track ..then switched it back to l/r and it was fine. Very bizarre.

I know that Pro Tools gives you the option once stereo tracks are layed down to add new track(s) and gives you stereo or mono choice ..but does Vegas allow this too???

To play back in mono on Vegas ..there is a master box with volume choice ..and in the top of the box you will notice 2 speaker icons together ..this is stereo on it once one icon speaker shows and this is mono ..hope this helps ..Rob

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