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Just wondering what a good sound card would be, it's my first setup yet I want a quality card what's the yamaha DS2416 like? has anyone used these? Just after a quality one so a list what they you use and it's upsides and features would be awesome if you have the time.

Thanks alot.

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Jul 11, 2004 02:44 am

That's fairly hard to answer as it depends on what you are doing and what you NEED rather than what would be handy.

What are you recording/needing? How many inputs do you need i.e. will you be single tracking everything or will you be recording more than 1 track at a time (maybe a whole band for example)?

What kind of quality do you need??

All these things make a difference as to what you actually NEED to buy. A lot of folks on here use the Delta cards and get good results. I use a Delta44 by M-Audio which is my first pro-audio card and I find it great. No MIDI (tho I have a USB Midi Sport now), 4 ins and 4 outs - with a break out box!

Cant go far wrong and the audio quality is superb!

Im sure other folks here will post some details for you but if you can drop a note with what you will be doing, folks can possibly offer more relevant advice for what ya need.

Good luck anyway - I was in the same position about 7 months ago and found it quite daunting..til I found this site!



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Jul 11, 2004 02:52 am

Thanks for the reply :D

I will be mainly doing singl track stuff as this is what I have done in the past and I just prefer sorting things out track at a time. However I would like the choice to go for the whole band at once recording as I might eb doing something like this with a church band jsut a few times.

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Jul 11, 2004 05:59 am

For us one-man-band sort of people;bfmtype=gear is a very common card, it's priced well and performs great.

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Jul 11, 2004 06:51 am

Thanks alot dB masters. What's your opinion on the Delta66 compared to that card. I've been thinking about this as I can ghet a good deal on one.

One man banders is the way to go :D. More people involved = more chance of the result coming out as an undesirable one IMO :D.

Thanks for the advice.

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Jul 11, 2004 07:03 am

Well, regarding one-man-banders, yes, I prefer it myself, but sometimes you get people together that work together wll it can do great all depends on the people involved.

The Delta 66;bfmtype=gear is the same series of cards as the Audiophile, it's a good card, hi performance and hi quality. However, do you need a S/PDIF connection? If you don't need a S/PDIF connection I would suggest the Delta 44;bfmtype=gear it's the exact same card minus the S/PDIF.

S/PDIF is a digital connection commonly used for things like DAT machines and 5.1 surround output. Some effects units use them too. I have found them becoming less useful over the years now that units are starting to use USB and Firewire.

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Jul 11, 2004 03:45 pm

Delta, m audio, echo audio, e-mu

The emu card has 24 -192 converters, thats killer!
And they have one at like 189 or something like that

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Jul 11, 2004 10:32 pm

I think I'll go with the audiophile 2496.

Thanks guys.

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