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There's a live version of a the song "Terminal Revolity" added to my music section, and listed under folk/acoustic . It was recorded with a Sony MD, in a hotel banquet facility . The first few songs that were recorded came out way bassy... then the mic was moved off axis to the stage, just a little, and the bass dissapeared, and we got this .
This gig was hillarious in the sense that the audiences I'm used to, typicaly have a bar/pool tables, etc... to 'distract' them, but in this case the banquet-style seats were all set-up stadium style, very clinical... like a 'display-case', or something . Bah ! This song had to be played ! heh heh First verse starts a 'lil rough . ;)

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Jul 08, 2004 09:39 am

The recording is a little muddy, but the song sounds great! Great performance. Whaddaya mean, deer in the headlights? You mean, the audience was frozen in shock after hearing "what the F#!K is wrong with you?" heh heh heh
what kind of metaphysical festival are you referring to in your song's profile? They have New Age/Metaphysical Expos in our area here (in Chicago), big affairs with presentations, lots of vendor tables, musicians, etc. It might be something that's up your alley, unless that's too far to travel for you. If you want the contact info for the guy who runs it, let me know, I'm on a couple of message boards with him.

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