acid pro , pro tools free , fruity loops . on win 98

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which of these is a better choice , fpor production puposes , after recording and most mixing done on my daw ..
any ideas,
i might add some drumm tracks and tghings like that in one of these programs..
any input

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Since: Apr 03, 2002

Oct 17, 2002 10:54 am

We have very strong advocates of both FruityLoops and Acid in this forum, they will both do great job...Not many ProTools users though...I personally am a huge fan of FruityLoops.

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Oct 17, 2002 04:43 pm

Hi newbie,

Fruityloops is the way to go, it has so many features and is so easy to use for drum programming and music arrangement.
I use it all the time and strongly recommend it.

By the way, I haven't seen much action in the forum in the last two weeks or so, may be all the members are busy making projects. Me, I'am working on my solo project and I hope to share some of my experiences and some of the songs soon.

Please, let's talk about recording


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Oct 17, 2002 05:17 pm

it really comes down to what you want to do on the computer to your work.

if you just want to master the tracks, just pick up either sound forge or wavelab 4.. i prefer wavelab but both will do the job.

if you are wanting to arrange tracks on the computer, acid pro 4, sonar, cubase, or pro tools is the way to go.

pro tools is overrated and not worth the extremely high cost. cubase is real powerful but has a steep learning curve.

sonar and acid are similar programs in a lot of regards. i personally use acid and love the way it functions. it can handle anything you can put into it. and the new features in ver4 put it right on par with cubase and the rest of the upper end. and it costs only a fraction of the price.

fruityloops is not so much an arranging tool as it is a looping utility and sequencer. yes it can do full track sequencing, but i feel that it is not really geared for this sort of work. it excels in pattern creation.

heres the break down on how i run my stuff. i program all of my drums and a large portion of my synth work in fruityloops. then i export each sound as an individual .wav and import them into acid. acid is where i arrange all of my tracks, lay down my vocals, mix and pre-master.

then i render the track as a single stereo .wav and open it in wavelab4 for mastering.

there are samples of what acid can do over in the members music section under 'electronic' under my name. all of those tracks were created with the process described above.

hope it helps!

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Oct 17, 2002 09:42 pm

For far less then the cost of a Pro-Tool's setup I run SonarXL along with WaveLab and SoundForge and FruityLoops with a M-Audio Delta interface. This setup get's the job done, and keeps the budget within reason.

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Oct 18, 2002 08:26 am

so drum editing in fruity loops.. ill try that !! i just downlaoded a bunch of real drum recording one shots..
i tried to set the drums in acid pro but , that hard for me to get the one shots all in place..
so ill try the fruity loops way , where can you get a demo of fruity loops ?

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Oct 18, 2002 08:35 am then if you want to buy it, get it here;bfmtype=gear and help support HRC ;-)

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