hello....thought i'd pop in with a pressie....

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hello all y'all!

thought i'd pop back and say hello, life's been a bit too hectic...lost my job, trying to find another (boo), got the chance to go in the studio with my trip-hop thing with proper musicians (yay), debut ep came back from the pressing plant wrong, and put back the rlease by another month, so a lot of the promo work done has gone on stony ground (boo), but some people still area sking for it and at least it will be released (yay), and all the other kinda life stuff.....


haven't been around a lot!

i have however, been channeling a lot more into the music side and one upshot is this...


at the moment it's called chicken in a basket (by ebb), but only cos i can't find another name....any suggestions on a postcard to...

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Czar of Midi
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Jun 05, 2004 03:22 pm

Nice title dude. I like the track for sure, indeed trip-hop fits to a T. It keeps moving and kept my interest all the way through. Cranked it up on the large format speakers and it was awsome. Definately a good listening piece, I could listen to a 20 minute version of that and just veg out. The bass part in the 2 minute plus area really worked it up. Was it a synth or real bass? The drums also fit in nicely and kept it moving steady. The extra added percusion bits also kept it fresh all the way through as well.

Since: Apr 24, 2003

Jun 05, 2004 07:14 pm

ta noize. it's three synths (one of which is a bass sample) making the bassline.

glad you're feeling it.

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