vst's in sonar xl....help!!!!!!

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Hi...I'm new in here...and new to home recording in general...I am trying out a demo of sonar xl...and I cannot seem to get a midi track to play back through a vst synth..I am following the tutorial exactly....any idea?..I dont have a keyboard controller..I use a virtual one..with midi yoke/midi ox....I am thinking maybe I dont have something set up correctly....But cannot figure out what it could be...anyone in here us Sonar?...
thanks in advance


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Jun 01, 2004 02:20 am

whats a midi yoke?

dumb question but are you sure your sound card handles midi?

double check the routing in sonar and in the vst if it has an option. forget the tutorial...just visualize the signal path, make sure everything matches up, and start eliminating options until you've figured out whats wrong. maybe someone here can help, but i got my midi to work by just trying a bunch of different things. i'm sure youve done this, but double-check the midi settings in windows control panel under 'sound' if you're using windows. go into the advanced sections, or whatever. sonar will also have a box where you can tweak your settings...try everything, even stuff that doesnt make sense. for example, my midi device selection window in cubase has 2 options...one for delta midi and one for delta midi (emulated). i have no idea why the emulated one works but not the straightforward one. i also have multiple soundcards and i had to instruct the audio programs to use the good one, setting several drop-down windows. i had to tweak stuff in control panel too. then i had to set the soundcard itself.

also verify the demo is midi-enabled.

sorry i'm not much help. settings like this can be different for every system.

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Jun 02, 2004 06:39 pm

Steve, I dont think the demo comes with the VST wrapper which is what makes the VSTi play in Sonar. If you have a DXi synth then try that.

You simply open the synthrack view and then assign the synth you wish to play and it takes care of assinging all the correct pathes for the synth.

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Jun 02, 2004 10:26 pm

Yes my soundcard can "do" midi....I tried dxi and vst...several different ones. I downloaded a freeware vst wrapper too...well actually a 30 day fully funtional trial......I will check all the things that you told me too...There must be something I am missing...or perhaps its the soundcard.....to old..etc..I think its time to upgrade to a faster computer anyways....The one I am using has seen better days...lol

ps....midi yoke....is....lets see how do i explain....it gives you virtual midi ports..if you dont have an external piece of hardware...its similiar to hubis loopback device..if that rings any bells.....I will let you know if i get it working.....thanks for the suggestions

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Jun 03, 2004 09:28 am

you need two tracks. one audio and one midi. Put the softsynth on the FX block of the audio. On the midi switch input to omni channel and set the output to the softsynth... it was a little confuseing for me atfirst too.

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