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Okay, first off I'll admit that I'm horribly new to this whole computer recording business (at least compared to some of you:-). Now, when I have a multitracking session going, I mix things by puting them in their correct timing first, and then I adjust the levels and eq (all using Cool Edit Pro v2.0). I usually have everything a little too loud, so I cut the levels of each track incrementally, trying to find just the right level where it will go right up to the point of clipping, but not. I usually make my music by using loops. The frustrating thing is, that when I am adjusting the levels, and I find that spot I was talking about, of course, it's great, but then a couple loops down the line, when it is playing the exact same stuff, just looped, it will clip! I guess I'm asking this more out of curiosity than frustration, but how is that possible?

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Since: Jan 18, 2003

May 29, 2004 09:18 pm

the only suggestion i can come up with is

are you sure you're doing it right?

Since: May 09, 2004

May 30, 2004 02:04 pm

Considering that i have never been schooled in the fine art of mixing and producing, I guess that the answer would be... no. I guess I was wondering if there was a common explanation for this wierdness.

Since: Jan 18, 2003

May 30, 2004 04:11 pm

maybe someone who knows cool edit will happen by....hey guys!

Since: May 09, 2004

May 30, 2004 05:10 pm

Yeah... that program doesn't seem to be too popular around here... maybe this is why...?

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May 30, 2004 05:34 pm

Actually, there are quite a few peeps around here that use Cool Edit/Audition, hopefully they will pop in.

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