Help: Making loops from direct guitar riff on Cubase SX?

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I am recording a song wich has a guitar riff that repeats over the entire song. I want to record this riff once and then make a loop with it, but I am having problems on fitting the end of the riff with its beggining: It just doesn´t match perfectly, making a "click" everytime the loop repeats.
Is there any hint (or plug-in) to make the end of the sound match with its beggining?


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May 12, 2004 06:44 am

I've done some looping in Cubase SX and a few things I find helpful are:

* Set the Ruler to 60FPS (which gives you full control of where your samples start and end)

* Double click on the sample and zoom right in on it, making sure the artifacts, space and silence are removed as required i.e. cut off the junk!

* Then experiment (making the Ruler adjustment) in Real time - just copy and paste the sample into the same track and press Play on the Transport Bar. Then move your copied version about until it's in the correct place.

This may sound simple but I didn't know this to start with and when I learned this, I was able to splice vocals, bass, gtrs and even drums with perfect timing and placement.

Cubase SX is a great app and should allow you to do what you want - its just a case of finding that point where the loop fits and voila!

You may also find it useful to have a drum track (even just a simple MIDI beat) on a track. Play your riff to this track. Then you will have a beat reference as to where the next loop should start. When you get the first 2 down and perfect, just copy the 2 loops and keep pasting til your track is full with the reqd loops needed.

A final wee note: There is a command (canny remember off hand) which takes the progress indicator i.e. the moving line to the end of the last recorded audio clip on that track. That would be where you paste it bang on when you get the first 2 loops.

Hope this helps...


Since: May 11, 2004

May 17, 2004 11:04 pm

Thanks for the advices man! (^-^)v

To avoid the "click" everytime the loop repeats, I´ve took a very very small piece in the beggining of the loop and made a "fade in (0-100)", and a "fade out (100-0)" in the end. It worked

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