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Ok check this. Using Sonar 3, with UB1622 mixer. I have my sound card out into mixer channel 5/6. Guitar in channel 1. Using Sub out to soundcard.

Have a drum track in Sonar, trying to record some baseline guitar, and I am recording the drums in that guitar track as well. I am sure there is one little button I need to push, but for the life of me I think I have tried them all... anyone have a clue?

Ok still need help, but kinda half way figured it out. My soundcard in I put to MAIN switch, and guitar in I put to SUB. That way I get no DRUMS bleeding into guitar track. But... now I cant bypass my monitors to master with headphones. *sigh*

Still... anyone know the proper way to do it instead of my half assed rigging?

EDIT UPDATE: Yeah, so I thought I would just deal with it, and busted out the acoustic, only to awaken to the fact my pickup in it loves to record from my speakers as well rofl.

Time for bed.

By the time its all said and done, I will indeed be worthy of the HRCPro title by my name !!!!

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Apr 22, 2004 03:27 am

hey, im a Pro, and look atb the crappy gear i use!

dunno aout your question though, sorry...

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Apr 22, 2004 02:15 pm

hehe no worries. Its driving me bonkers though, I have clicked every button 1000 times, but I probably just havent clicked the right 2 at the right time....

I may cry soon.

And by pro, I wasnt speaking of the gear I have, I was speaking of my ability to use it. Which so

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Apr 22, 2004 04:57 pm

i don't use sonar, but it should have the abilitly to monitor the recorded input. so just mute the mixer input in your soundcard and enable monitoring in sonar. you can bypass your monitor by simply plugging your headphones into the lineout on your soundcard.

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Apr 27, 2004 08:12 pm

kivi, make sure the channels from the soundcard are not assigned to the sub out as well. Also not sure what sound card you are using, but check to make sure it isn set to record what you hear. Meaning it is recording the line outs directly into the application.

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