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When I record, my guitar is maybe a foot and a half from my computer. So i get a hum when I record. Is there software I can download to stop it or do I have to buy a pedal to stop it?

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Apr 21, 2004 09:36 pm

Try facign away from your monitor when you play to see if that helps at all. I know it sounds weird, but with certain pickups the interferance from the monitor will give it a hum/buzz.

Just something to try.

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Apr 21, 2004 10:41 pm

A hum can be a bummer. Per Kivi a monitor, lights, power cords, poor instrument cords, connection snafu's, neighboring radio stations, polterguist, and aliens with attidudes can all cause hums. I am sure of it. If the hum is very consistant you can use a program like cool edit (whatever they call it now) which has a filter routine which samples noise and removes only that patern from a wav file. But if it is not consistant you will get a phaser-esch sound to your track.

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Apr 25, 2004 02:50 pm

I have seen COPY MACHINES cause buzzing through bass pickups. Your position in the room and the direction you face will have a strong affect on your hum.

Also, try not to have the guitar cable lie next to power cords or transformers (wall-warts)

For more tips see BruceAMiller.us


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Apr 25, 2004 02:59 pm

Try using 2 pickups at once if they are single coils. You can also Shield the cavities of your guitar with copper tape you can get at www.stew-mac.com I have shielding on all my guitars, it works great.

and welcome to HRC!!

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Apr 27, 2004 07:47 pm

Yes indeed, sitting that close to your PC and moniter will cause havoc with your pickups, especially if they are humbuckers. You can try turning around, but moving farther away is probably going to be the best bet. Moniters cause huge amounts of noise so turning it off before you hit the record button, (usually R) will save ya some headache.

Dan, that is a great site. I just added it into the links section under hardware/guitar.

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Apr 28, 2004 07:10 am

yeah, computer monitors are a pain when it comes to guitars and pickups. ;) Might want to try facing away from the monitor or if you have room, try moving your guitar away from the monitor all together when you are recording. I agree with the power cord suggestion also. If your instrument cables aren't shielded properly, you can get some interference from any other eletrical type devices in the room. Another suggestion I would have is to make sure the plug that you plug your guitar amp into is grounded, and make sure that your instrument cables don't have a certain polarity to them (ie. instrument has to be plugged into one side and amp the other..etc) :) I accidentally reversed one of those cables a while back when we were using a pedal board and kept getting a wicked hum only when we turned on the pedals. We reversed the cable and vhala!! lol anyways, gooduck. :)

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